About Me

A UKCC Level II equestrian coach, NLP and Optimise coach, Emma has also achieved qualifications in positive psychology , equine psychology, equine physiology and equine massage. This knowledge combined with her intuitive, adaptive manner, enables Emma to bring out the best in a horse and rider, no matter what their level of experience.

Emma, with her partner Martin Murphy, has co- developed and written programmes such as ‘Mindful Mastery’ and the ‘Complete Rider Confidence System’ and others which are sold as on-line books and diploma courses.  Utilising modern and traditional methods of teaching, Emma can bring a new perspective to riding and help riders gain confidence and find their ‘peak performance’ zone.

Emma has been tr127aining horses and their riders for well over 25 years, including competing in many disciplines like dressage, showjumping, eventing, side-saddle, vaulting, also training point-to-point race horses (and raced a camel coming second!)

She also worked for several years on a stud yard with stallions, mares and foals and training the youngstock for sale or competition whilst helping run a saddlery and giving advice to customers.

Emma has trained and competed all her own horses from youngstock with many being sold to top yards around the country and abroad.

Emma believes every horse is individual, having it’s own personality and way of learning, therefore it’s important to be able to communicate with and understand each horse on their terms. This allows the horse to learn at their own pace in a way that avoids confrontation. This understanding is then passed on to the rider, giving them a new connection with their horse.

If you would like to ask Emma a question, feel free to connect on Facebook Twitter

Or Call +44 (0) 788 1488 258


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