The Complete Rider Confidence System is available on Amazon for £5.66 on Kindle. 

The Complete Rider Confidence system is a manual which will take riders or riding instructors, through the whole subject of rider confidence issues. Where rider confidence issues come from, how to deal with them, and finally how to optimise your confidence in the future. Martin Murphy, the author, is known as the ‘why, how and what to do about it guy’ in that he helps riders understand themselves and why they are struggling with confidence. The strategies that keep riders stuck and finally, how they can regain their confidence and keep it.
Martin Murphy is a peak performance and confidence coach who and was a regular contributor to Horse & Rider Magazine.

Martin has appeared in media worldwide and has presented this unique and very effective confidence system to BHS Instructors at their HQ in Warwickshire.

Master your Mind so your Mind Doesn't Master you!

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