What people say

‘Emma has worked wonders on many of my horses that she has started for me over the years. She is calm and reassuring with the youngsters and gives them confidence when they start competing.’    – Mrs. J. Holmes.   UK

‘I always say having lessons with Emma makes my mind hurt as much as my body! Emma is knowledgeable, honest and sessions are fun. I particularly had help from Emma bringing a young horse on and benefited from her expertise in training young horses, but also confidence work for me. The later had diminished after a nasty fall and serious injury. I would recommend Emma wholeheartedly – your riding will improve from her knowledge, you will gain confidence, and importantly, have a lot of fun with your horse as you develop your partnership.’      – Dr. T. Seale.   North Wales.

‘Emma is very calm and constructive about everything you do next in a lesson. Every lesson I’ve had whether it’s gone well, or I’ve not been so in tune, Emma has been patient and explained everything well. It’s never just a riding lesson, because Emma explains things to you so detailed you learn so much more.’    – Miss M. Thompson.     Staffordshire.

‘My experience with Emma was amazing, her approach is very different from my past instructors. She opened my eyes to a totally different way of working with horses. Very inspired by her firm yet gentle way with animals, which I’ve seen a major lack of at other riding schools. Her training and riding correspond with natural behaviours,which she presents a true understanding of, and explains oh so well. Her direction is clear and easy to follow, she’s assertive and patient. Would of loved to ride with her longer.’        – Sascha Essinger.   Vancouver, Canada.

‘I’d swear Emma is psychic.She has this amazing way of getting my head into the right place so I don’t let it get in the way of my riding. I tend to barrate myself and get frustrated when I struggle with certain things my brain tells me should be easy. Emma was genius at breaking through my mental blocks allowing me to progress. And then there’s just the insane amount of knowledge she holds and her understanding of the horse gained through such a varied wealth of experience. It’s kinda staggering. I’ve yet to come across a problem she cannot formulate a plan to improve’.  – Miss C. Davis.  London

‘I’ve come on leaps and bounds under your tuition, so honest! Understanding and no feeling of being rushed. Truly exceptional coach and trainer. I can’t thank you enough for all the support.’  – Ms E.J. Cartlidge. Staffordshire


‘Hi Emma, I just wanted to say thanks so much for a brilliant session today. Working on my confidence with a horse that from time to time frightens me. Today you showed me how to keep my focus on him, to keep his focus on me then to work with him and not alienate him from me. I never actually realised that all the time i was saying to myself ‘I don’t like riding this horse’ that unconsciously I was talking to him and telling him I didn’t enjoy it. Once I started to change my thinking I did start to enjoy him and he went so much better too. Its so easy to get into a negative and downward spiral and today you made me see that my thoughts are self-fulfilling. You gave me a lot to work on and think about. Thanks so much… and hurry back to France!’   Mrs G Smith,    France.



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